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Stratégie culturelle

Stratégie culturelle | The women?s ready-to-wear brand Aventures des Toiles - a pioneer in the Fashion & Art sector for 10 years - was never mentioned by the fashion media or opinion leaders, in spite of their in-house expertise. The « Artiste Invité » (invited artist) label has been thought up in collaboration with the MBV consulting agency in order to confirm the Fashion & Art concept and link the brand to the world of contemporary art.

Sans titre © Aventures des toiles
© Aventures des toiles

The concept : a recognised artist in the world of contemporary art and the visual arts is invited to collaborate with the team of stylists to create a collection of around thirty pieces.
For the launch and development of the label (Autumn-Winter 2011), links were established with artist-set designer Bernard Michel who has collaborated with big names in stage direction and choreography such as Klaus Michaël Gruber, Stéphane Braunschweig, Louis Erlo, David Bombana and Roland Petit.
The brand’s creative team built on a 2003 digital film by […]

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Sans titre © Aventures des toiles

Sans titre
© Aventures des toiles