Strategies for action

The prospective agency of the Observatoire de l’art contemporain specializes in the conception and execution of strategies for cultural and creative action, including public relations and branding.

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The key to success in 3 steps

Step 1 » The Brief

Interview and debriefing / team brainstorming and setting a strategic approach

Step 2 » Conception

Writing up a strategic analysis + setting up a schedule + interview upon delivery

Step 3 » Action

Follow through on the established strategy + forming links and interfacing + writing up a presentation with key words + media plan

Specialists by sector

• Cultural strategies> Nina Rodrigues-Ely
• Communications strategies > Virginie Bertrand
• Brand strategies > Manuel Fialho

Targets :

Businesses, brands, department stores and retailers, museums, cultural institutions, private foundations, local governments, professional expositions, […]

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