We break down and analyze the world of contemporary art because we believe that art is visionary and that artists are ultra-sensitive seers; they seize upon new imaginary landscapes and invisible transformations long before the masses.

Against a background of rapidly expanding globalisation, the decoding magazine sorts the influx of cultural information and data according to the following criteria :
- developments of interest in contemporary culture : a piece of artwork, an exhibition, an event, a fair, an auction, etc.;
- trends to follow in the current art world;
- analyses intended to decode the logic and mechanisms behind contemporary art and anticipate the phenomena in store.

Three fields were observed : Contemporary Art, Art Market and Art & Business.

Our « bird’s eye » viewpoint contemplates art’s continuous interaction with cross-cutting fields such as architecture, fashion or design, but also the key fields of science, finance, economy and global mapping.

We provide a roadmap for the intangible and capture creative visions in order to track developments around the world.

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