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Case Study - the Gensollen Collection

Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | In their cocoon, and at the heart of the contemporary art world, Marc and Josee Gensollen are a couple of collectors who for over 30 years have been creating and evolving a collection with a radical agenda, rejecting all ego and speculation : an agenda where the life of the artworks is at the heart of a thought provoking approach.

Roman Ondak, ’’Teaching to walk’’, 2004 © DR
Roman Ondak, ’’Teaching to walk’’, 2004
© DR

Early reading, early works, the penny drops

Early reading

In around 1968, students Marc and Josee Gensollen become interested in Art through their reading and careful study of the prevalent publications of the time. In the wake of their background in Psychiatric psychoanalysis, it is « le Minotaure » which arouses their early attraction to Surrealism, still very much alive in the 60s and 70s. Then Art Press, a magazine influenced by psychoanalysis since its first publication in 1972, leads them to explore the unknown universe of Conceptual Art and Minimal Art.

Early Work

Their very first purchase is an etching by Andre Masson, part of the « Massacres » series. In order to get it authenticated, they go to visit the […]

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Roman Ondak, ’’Teaching to walk’’, 2004 © DR

Roman Ondak, ’’Teaching to walk’’, 2004
© DR