Analysis out of the box

Art and Fashion: a game of paradoxes (first part)

Analysis out of the boxArt & Business | In recent years the relationship between art and fashion has become clear. It is always evolving, creating debate, and gives birth to the Arty trend. This complex multi-modal relationship, whose main objective is creativity, conflicts with the reality of the high street and its paucity of invention. This contradiction needs to be examined.

 © Hussein Chalayan

Relationship topography

The Art/Fashion game takes place on the fields of strategy and creativity and relies on numerous methods of mutual collaboration : Artists creating fashion items, catwalk shows resembling performances (Dior and Galliano), exhibitions in large department stores (Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette), the combination of architectural power and luxury (Franck Gherry, Tadao Ando) and the creation of Arts foundations by big companies (LVMH, Hermes, Chanel).

The Paradox

While the big players can fall back on the values of « artistic creativity » and claim to be custodians of the path between reality and fantasy, an item of clothing worn on the street is a symbol of codification, formality and convention. This […]

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