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Christine Blanchet
Art critic and Art historian
Christine Blanchet, art critic and Art historianWith a doctoral degree in art history, Christine Blanchet has been an independent curator since 2010. In 2011, she co-curated the Festival d’art contemporain a-part in the Alpilles. Since 2012, several cartes blanches in Parisian galleries have allowed her to exhibit work by young artists like Pablo Garcia, Nicolas Daubanes and Eric Manigaud. She teaches art history at the University of Amiens and gives preparatory courses for the exams to become a curator for cultural heritage. She regularly publishes texts and interviews on art and contemporary stained glass, on which she is a recognized specialist. Since July 2014, she is editorial coordinator for the review archiSTORM.
Vincent Lecomte
Vincent Lecomte,
Adelie de Soumagnat
Adelie de Soumagnat, With a degree from SOAS in London and Sciences Po Paris, Adélie de Soumagnat has been living between France and Kenya for the past 10 years, where she has been working in the NGO and cultural fields. She worked at the African Artists for Development foundation, for which she collaborated on the  contemporary African art exhibition Lumières d’Afriques in 2015. More recently, she contributed to the book What People Wear in Kenya, published in 2019 by Kodoji Press and worked for the European Nomadic Biennial Manifesta in Marseille. 
Sophie Boursat
Sophie Boursat,
Svetlana Skvortsova
Chercheuse - le marché de l'art et la pratique de la charité
Svetlana Skvortsova, chercheuse - le marché de l’art et la pratique de la charitéNée en Russie, Svetlana Skvortsova vit et travaille en France. Diplômée d’un Master de Communication Interculturelle à l’Université Paris IV et d’un Master de Marché de l’Art et Négociation à INSEEC, elle s’engage dans des projets humanitaires en France et à l’étranger. Elle travaille sur le sujet de la pratique caritative dans le marché de l’art, notamment sur les ventes aux enchères d’art caritatives en France, en Russie et aux États-Unis.
Manuel Fialho
Brand & Design Strategy Consultant - Semiology
Manuel Fialho, brand & Design Strategy Consultant - SemiologyManuel Fialho teaches brand strategy in several business schools, ESCP and INSEEC. He studies the contribution of contemporary art to business and business strategy, focusing on concepts of identity and imagination. He participated in the 2006 creation of the original idea for the analytic review Observatoire de l’art contemporain.
Carlotta Montaldo
Contemporary Art specialist
Carlotta Montaldo, contemporary Art specialistSince 2008 she has participated in the organisation of artist and artisan exhibitions at the Thotel de Cagliari and in the promotion of Sardinian artists at international fairs. Her passion for contemporary art and her curiousity have lead her to analyse new trends in the contemporary market.
Dominique de Varine
Semiotic brand and object consultant
Dominique de Varine, semiotic brand and object consultantA specialist in communication issues, he has developed a methodology specific to the semiotics of branding and the object. For the last fifteen years, he has pursued a semiotic approach to color.
Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani
Art critic and Art historian
Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani, art critic and Art historianCharlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani are curators and critics. In May 2014, they founded PARADISE / A Space for screen addiction, a space dedicated to screen-based art at LECLRERE mdv. The exhibitions Post-Internet ?, Speculative Materialism Oo Oo, Jason Rhoades : Perfect Process, Post-human/post-humanism, and animism/shamanism - Diving into Gaïa’s spirit dialogue with ORACULAR/VERNACULAR and COOL - As a State of Mind at MAMO and BORDERLINE and A Sip of Cool at La GAD. They have also previously collaborated on The Magic Bullet at Torri Gallery. They have recently written for CRASH Magazine, Performa Magazine, Le Journal des Arts, Code 2.0 and MUCEM - Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée.
Alexia Guggémos
Art critic, expert in Social Media Intelligence
Alexia Guggémos, art critic, expert in Social Media IntelligenceFounder of the Observatory of Social Media in contemporary art, Alexia Guggémos observes the art market ecosystem on social networks. Through the analysis of communication platforms she generates a panorama of trends each year. Since 2011 she has focused on the issues of sampling and community segmentation in art.
Camille Sauer
Artist and composer
Camille Sauer, artist and composer (Being Translated) Camille Sauer témoigne de son engagement artistique par le biais de la pédagogie et de la recherche. En tant qu’actrice de son Art, il s’agit d’initier une nouvelle forme de Culture en engageant physiquement le spectateur au sein de son œuvre.
Martin Tixier
Martin Tixier, economistAuthor and founder of the financial blog Macronomics launched in December 2009 dealing with credit and macro issues. Martin has worked for 16 years in the financial industry including 12 years in London. In 2006, he was awarded the highest accolade for a Six Sigma project for Bank of America, competing with 1500 projects globally. Martin graduated from ESSEC BBA as well as ISC in Paris where he obtained a Master degree. Martin has also been lecturing at IAE Lille for post-graduate students dealing on the subject of banking regulations and accounting practices and the role of credit in the economy.
Maxime Gasnier
Maxime Gasnier, journalistAfter literary studies and journalism school, Maxime Gasnier specialized in decoding contemporary esthetics. Publishing, digital media, graphic design, and contemporary art... He focuses on the emergence of new forms of visual creation and on cultural institutions. Through images and text, he has developed his editorial skills at the Centre Pompidou, the webzine Boum ! Bang ! and varied sources of cultural media.
Nathalie Marchal
Contemporary art consultant, public art, business
Nathalie Marchal, contemporary art consultant, public art, businessFrom her sources and inventory, Nathalie Marchal has produced thematic and geographic analytic dossiers on selected works visible in the public space in Paris.
Mai Pham-Ngoc
Art Market specialist
Mai Pham-Ngoc, art Market specialistFounder of Art & Heritage Partners LTD. Specialized in Art & Investments from the University of The Arts London where she obtained a Master Degree. Since June 2014, she is the Chair of the committee Enterprises and a board member of an association which supports French Enterprising. M.Pham Ngoc was invited as a lecturer on the Chinese Art Market by the Arts Club and the Chinese Business Association on the topic « Art as a commodity & the Chinese art market ». Bi-cultural, she worked in Asia for a major group of international art galleries where she was in charge of communications and business development.
Anna Siegel
Art Critic and researcher
Anna Siegel, art Critic and researcherAnna Siegel (1990) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She studied art science in Berlin but moved after her studies to Brussels. From an early age she has been engaged in many different social and political organisations and small, independent art collectives. Besides she primarily devotes her time to the practice of writing. She is preparing a book with the working title : ?After laughter and infinity?. A work departing from a critique of the digital era and seeking for outlines for what might come after. She is primarily concerned with the role of critique within our western society. She participates to the group and magazine « Desagree ». - A critical magazine on art and society.Contact :
Maria Olmedo
Artist, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Maria Olmedo, artist, Marketing and Communications SpecialistHaving been trained both in Visual Arts and Marketing, she has worked with various galleries from Argentina and the USA, such as Minus Space, Alejandra von Hartz and Del Infinito. She also studied Creative Writing at NYU and participated as Communications Coordinator in arteBA fair during its 2013 and 2014 editions.
Guoxiong Liang
Marché de l’Art et Négociation à l’International
Guoxiong Liang, marché de l’Art et Négociation à l’International (Being Translated) Guoxiong LIANG est né à Guangdong en Chine dans une famille de sculpteurs. Il développe ainsi très tôt un intérêt pour l’art qu’il poursuit en France, à l’INSEEC, dont il sort diplômé d’un Master en Marché de l’Art et Négociation à l’International en 2018. Après une expérience chez la maison de ventes Aguttes où il s’occupe de la communication et la relation clientèle avec le marché chinois, il réalise une recherche appliquée sur « Les stratégies de développement des sociétés de ventes aux enchères françaises sur le marché chinois ».
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