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Galleries, take up arms !

Art Market | Jérome and Emmanuelle de Noirmont make the closure of their gallery public in a letter written as a manifesto dated 12th, March 2013. They explain, in the context of the French tax system, having deliberately chosen not to move to the next level of a company strategy imposed by the current market : more employees, networking with several other international galleries, participating in major fairs, etc. The gallery is closing, but the company will continue. This decision made public prefigures an upcoming reconfiguration of the gallery landscape and above all, its role. The territory of the contemporary art market is ripe for the art of war with the formation of light cavalries facing the great, certified mammoths. Take up arms !

Sans titre © Galerie Jérome de Noirmont, Paris
© Galerie Jérome de Noirmont, Paris


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Version française

Sans titre © Galerie Jérome de Noirmont, Paris

Sans titre
© Galerie Jérome de Noirmont, Paris