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When energy becomes form

Contemporary Art | Historic experimentation on light, on perception, the relationships between art and dance, the spread of dematerialized works of art all bring to light material that goes beyond representation, and that takes on a whole other dimension in the globalized world : energy.

Joseph Beuys, Capri-Battery, 1985 © Lucio Amelio
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Joseph Beuys, Capri-Battery, 1985
© Lucio Amelio

At the heart of light, of perception, and of the body lies energy in its infinite multiplicity : radiance, vibration, electricity, magnetism, aura, charge, beat, oscillation, vital force, flux, circulatory energy, relational energy, productive energy... Capturing energy, giving it a form has motivated, and continues to motivate, the eclectic processes of artists throughout time, space, and within the context of world events.
This medium comes out of contemplation or representation, and, its very substance runs through post war art :
Jackson Pollock’s fluids, the happenings of the Japanese

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Joseph Beuys, Capri-Battery, 1985 © Lucio Amelio Murakami Saburo, 1ère exposition Gutaï, Tokyo 1955 © GUTAI Revital Cohen, Electrocyte appendix © Revital Cohen François Azembourg, Choletaise (pliée) © Azembourg François Azembourg, Choletaise © Azembourg

Joseph Beuys, Capri-Battery, 1985
© Lucio Amelio

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