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Dubai: a global marketplace

Art Market | Since the time of the major Iranian merchants and the links forged with the British Empire in the 1880s, Dubai has cultivated its tradition as a commercial crossroads.

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Many galleries are setting up there and taking advantage of this long-established ecosystem and the number has multiplied tenfold in five years. The Al Quoz neighbourhood alone - a storage and city-state warehouse area and symbol of this blossoming market - already has around fifty. And it is here that Iranian gallery Etemad has set up its first branch outside Iran in order to enjoy international reach, the majority of the buyers being expatriates from around the world. With the aim of injecting life into Middle Eastern art and encouraging east-west dialogue, the Salsali Private Museum founded by Ramin Salsali has opened nearby. And the Grey Noise gallery, very active in Lahore, Pakistan since 2008, decided to move its business activity […]

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