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Art Market | In late May in Paris, 40 art galleries will come together in an international-caliber event intended to refocus attention on the traditional nucleus of the art market : artist-gallery-collector.

Choices Paris © DR
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Choices Paris
© DR

In alignment with the pioneering event Gallery week-end Berlin, CHOICHES PARIS was conceived to respond to a withdrawal of collectors from galleries, who are increasingly solicited by a tight schedule of fairs, international biennials and other events.

The event aims to shed new light on the role of the dealer and the specificity of the gallery in a context of an increasingly complex and dematerializing art market, with the arrival of new marketplace advisors and techniques.

The gallery was initially born with modernity : a model that professionalized the activity of the intermediary through the spirit and structure of a business that would become the keystone of the primary art market of the 20th century. Today in crisis, the gallery […]

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Version française

Choices Paris © DR Anne Bourse & Emilie Perotto - Chat qui fuit un Peigne, 2015 © Credit Photo : Anne Bourse & Emilie Perotto Courtesy Galerie anne barrault Anita Molinero - Le Bayou, 2015 © Courtesy Galerie Thomas Bernard - Cortex Athletico / Courtesy : Thomas Couderc Mohamed El Baz - Bricoler L’Incurable. Détails. Lovesupreme, 2014 © Courtesy de l’artiste et Imane Farès Bernard Moninot - Antichambre 5, 2013 © A. Morin / Courtesy galerie Jean Fournier Isabelle Le Minh - Codex, After Viviane Sassen, de la série Review (2015) © Courtesy galerie Christophe Gaillard Jalal Sepehr - Knot, 2011 © Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris et Silk Road Gallery Joao Vilhena - Fouille courageuse, 2015 © Courtesy Galerie Alberta Pane Elsa Sahal - Pole danse 4, 2015 / Courtesy Galerie Claudine Papillon © Photo : Denis Amon

Choices Paris
© DR

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