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Significant trends in Contemporary Art, Art Market, Art & Business are identified and described.

Et si l’artiste devenait lui aussi un commanditaire ?
Alberto Burri, Ex Seccatoi TabaccoContemporary Art | (Being Translated) Le marché de l’art a évolué vers un écosystème complexe en perpétuel mouvement, terriblement anxiogène pour les artistes qui mettent en place les moyens pour s’affranchir des systèmes de marché influencés par les […]
Read more » | 08/10/20
Que révèle l'explosion des ventes caritatives en ligne en période de Coronavirus ?
Claire Tabouret, ‘‘Les Débutantes (bleu de minuit)‘‘, 2014, adjugé 207 000 euros (est. €100.000 - 150.000)Art Market | (Being Translated) Pendant que le phénomène inédit de la pandémie COVID19 se propage dans le monde et bouleverse les rendez-vous internationaux de foires majeures et de ventes aux enchères, les ventes caritatives en ligne prennent le relais du […]
Read more » | 21/04/20
The banana and the "duct tape"
Maurizio Cattelan, Comedian, 2019Contemporary Art | As soon as it appeared, a yellow banana taped to the wall with silver adhesive tape, it caused a stir on social media and in the press given its $ 120,000 price tag. The work signed by Maurizio Cattelan, an edition of three copies entitled Comedian, was […]
Read more » | 17/01/20
FIAC Week: Paris dares with French artists
Maurice Blaussyld (2002), Espace inaccessible (2010)
Vue de l’exposition « Futur, ancien, fugitif », Palais de TokyoArt Market | In the excitement of the FIAC 2019 week at the Grand Palais and on FIAC Projects, at the Palais de Tokyo and at the Salon Galeristes, a stir is being witnessed around French artists little known on the international scenes. […]
Read more » | 29/10/19
Corporate residencies, towards a "productive" patronage model
Emmanuel Régent, Le naufrage de l’Espérance (La mer de glace), détail, 2019Art & Business | The PACT (e) program, initiated and designed in 2018 by Sandrina Martins, director of the Carreau du Temple, renews the practice of artist residencies hosted by businesses. In 2019, it translated into the first dedicated biennale, formalized an active […]
Read more » | 22/07/19
Venice Biennale and 2019 Basel Fair: variations on the same theme
Tomás Saraceno, Aero(s)cene, 2019Art Market | International biennials, which traditionally define prospective lines of creation and societal evolutions, are becoming increasingly similar to market places. Conversely, the major fairs, whose primary vocation is trading, navigate cultural waves.
In […]

Read more » | 25/06/19
(RED) Auctions - a charity sale that gathers the market’s powerful
Larry Gagosian, Theaster Gates, Bono, et David Adjaye lors de The (RED) Auction en collaboration avec Sotheby’s et Gagosian au Moore Building le 5 Decembre 2018 à Miami, FlorideArt Market | Since 2008, Sotheby’s organizes (RED) Auctions, a series of charity sales aimed at raising funds to support HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. The same guideline is followed in each edition, internationally renowned personalities (artists, designers […]
Read more » | 11/04/19
Art Paris, The tendencies
Esther Ferrer, ‘‘Mains féministes‘‘ #01, série Le livre des mains, 1977Art Market | In line with current societal mutations, Art Paris has sharpened its local-global identity by following a specific process that allows the encounter of international artistic realities within French and European contexts. The 2019 edition deepens the […]
Read more » | 27/03/19
The House of Ruinart tells its story through art
Collaboration Vik Muniz & Ruinart, 2019Art & Business | Ruinart, the first established House of Champagne, invests almost its entire communication budget in art commissions - giving artists carte blanche - and in the patronage of major art fairs. The House’s story-telling is drawn by masters’ hands […]
Read more » | 26/03/19
Forensic Architecture: extension of the field of architecture
The Architecture of Hellfire Romeo: Drone strike in Miranshah, Pakistan, 2012VIRTUAL•TIMEContemporary Art | Forensic Architecture is an atypical research agency founded in 2011 and based at Goldsmiths College in London. Its founder Eyal Weizman explains that the term forensic is to be understood by getting back to the Latin forensis, « what pertains […]
Read more » | 14/02/19
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The Architecture of Hellfire Romeo: Drone strike in Miranshah, Pakistan, 2012