The current technological revolution is characterized by an exponential evolution of innovative technologies, their incorporation to our daily lives and the infinite long-term opportunities they offer.

Our hyper-connected society draws the outlines of new realities : virtual reality, augmented reality, augmented humans… These new possibilities involve innovative technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, Iot, artificial intelligence… with a constantly higher potential for computing power.

These mutations have a sustained impact on humans, changing perception modes, knowledge acquisition processes, communication and the capacity to interact with the world. Humanist visions tend to reformulate themselves, blurring our biological and cultural references, maybe even reversing them.

VIRTUALTIME is a collaborative monitoring platform set up by the Observatoire de l’art contemporain and dslcollection. It focuses on three themes : virtuality, art and humanity. The platform observes the human individual in the context of the fourth technological revolution, through the precursory prism of art.

VIRTUALTIME ’s objective is to collect artists’ and creators’ visions, artistic processes and discoveries that expose new realities. At the heart of the analysis, the human individual and his environment.

VIRTUALTIME conceives a monthly prospective synthesis based on an artistic action combining Art & Virtuality, to shape perspectives of change and to understand certain global issues beyond the art world.

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