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Art and Fashion, where evolutions and revolutions collide (Second part)

Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | Contemporary Art | In 2009, as in 1929, an economic crisis was sweeping the world like a tidal wave. The crisis phenomenon meant that references were lost and a series of unavoidable transformations came about slowly : revival landmarks. Like ultra-sensitive visionaries, the artists went off to explore new imaginary landscapes and were immediately captivated by the highly-creative world of Fashion. Where evolutions and revolutions collide.

 © Martin Margiela

The 20th century and the triumph of new imaginary landscapes

The modernity of the 20th century was born of a new perception of time and space and the combination of technical advances which were, within a few years, to eclipse everything that had been accomplished in the past few millennia : electricity, photography, radio, telephone, rail, aircraft, etc. This new circulation of knowledge awakened the world?s conscience in unprecedented ways. The enjoyment of modernity, colonial expansion and a warlike spirit coexisted until the first of the great wars which set Europe ablaze between 1914 and 1918 and ultimately contributed to the crisis of 1929. Around the same time, new questions and imaginary landscapes began to emerge in the […]

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