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The Naoshima Spirit

Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The island of Naoshima, located at the core of an archipelago in the Seto Inland Sea, is currently characterized by an unparalleled cultural aura, receiving 500 000 international visitors each year. The pioneering spirit of this site can be traced back to Soichiro Fukutake’s visionary approach, which seeks to imbue the islanders with art, education and architecture; compelling them to transform the spaces and life that surrounds them.

Chichu Art Museum © Fujitsuka Mitsumas
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Chichu Art Museum
© Fujitsuka Mitsumas

The Origins

Since 1970, prior to the island’s cultural development, Naoshima’s mayor focused on fostering education in its central region, with the construction of a primary school and a 3 building academic complex; these buildings were conceived by the architect Kazuhiro Ishii. However, Naoshima’s economic transformation started in 1985, and can be credited to Tetsuhiko Fukutake, chairman of a company that specializes in education : the […]

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Chichu Art Museum © Fujitsuka Mitsumas Benesse House © Tadasu Yamamoto Art House Project “Kadoya” © Norihiro Ueno Art House Project “Kadoya” Tatsuo Miyajima"Sea of Time ’98" © Ken’ichi Suzuki Inujima Seirensho Art Museum © Daici Ano Inujima “Art House Project“ F-Art © Takashi Homma Teshima Art Museum © Ken’ichi Suzuki Chichu Art Museum © Fujitsuka Mitsumas Lee Ufan Museum © Tadasu Yamamot

Chichu Art Museum
© Fujitsuka Mitsumas

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