Analysis out of the box

Olfaction, an alternative to the visual sense

Analysis out of the boxContemporary Art | The olfactory sense has been a key component in the history of artistic creation. Long neglected in favor of the visual approach, it is nowadays widely explored by artists who incorporate the olfactory dimension in their creative processes.

Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Osmodrama 2017 © DR
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Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Osmodrama 2017
© DR

The odors of the living


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Version française

Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Osmodrama 2017 © DR Helga Griffiths, Turbulent Souvenirs/Memories, 2017 - Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken © Photo: Anton Minayev Lucas Tisné - Calice L’instrument olfactif © DR Morgan Courtois - Fond de sac 2018 © DR Jean-Pierre Bertrand: Consubstantiellement ou l’instant unique, Musée Picasso, Antibes, France, 2004 - solo show © Jean-Pierre Bertand Claudio Parmiggiani - Pittura pura luce 1968 © Collection Centre Pompidou Musée national d’art moderne - Centre de création industrielle, Paris © Martin Argyroglo / Monnaie de Paris, © Claudio Parmiggiani Michel Blazy / Exposition Post Patman au Palais de Tokyo / Courtesy Palais de Tokyo © Marc Domage

Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Osmodrama 2017
© DR

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