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Versailles / Murakami : From the Real to the Virtual (and back again)

Contemporary Art | The arrival of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in the highest echelons of French Culture, all controversy put aside, challenges the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Murakami à Versailles © DR
Murakami à Versailles
© DR

In the blue corner, the Palace of Versailles, a spectacular piece of France’s rich heritage, a sanctuary for pageantry, an age old instrument of communication, and a modern symbol of the influence of France’s past.
In the red corner, Murakami, spiritual figurehead of a simplified popular culture symbolic of modern Japan, and a member of the exclusive club of the world’s most sought after artists.
The result : a startling exhibition of « Superflat » works, three dimensional works influenced by the two dimensional worlds of cartoons and comics (comic books if you prefer), such as « The Rose of Versailles » , one of Japan’s most popular Manga titles over the past two decades.
Two conflicting world views, but also a chaotic mix of space and time […]

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Murakami à Versailles © DR

Murakami à Versailles
© DR