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Contemporary Art | The artist Ai Weiwei is creating a huge impact on international and Western opinion, which lacks a mythic figure. A veritable contemporary prophet, establishing his political activism in art and vice versa, he represents for Chinese youth a sense of freedom of expression. The Internet, his blog and twitter are at the heart of his activity, along the lines of a « 3.0 artist ».

Ai Weiwei, visuel en partage sur le web © DR
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Ai Weiwei, visuel en partage sur le web
© DR

Put online in 2006, his blog intimately mixes private life, work and views against the Chinese Communist Party. His political engagement as a symbol, Ai Weiwei penetrates and integrates social networks to the point of becoming a media in his own right : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Skype smash physical barriers to pieces; his passport confiscated, it’s by video-conferencing that he collaborated with the architects Herzog & de Meuron for the realization of London’s […]

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Ai Weiwei, visuel en partage sur le web © DR Ai Weiwei, Stacked (2012), 760 bicycles © Galleria Continua Ai Weiwei & Herzog et de Meuron, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion (2012) © Iwan Baan Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds (2010) - Tate Modern © Getty Images

Ai Weiwei, visuel en partage sur le web
© DR

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