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The Art of Merchandising

Art & Business | One loses count of the collaborations between luxury brands and artists, window displays, fashion shows and product creation. At LVMH, merchandising based on art, the artists of international standing, has become a quasi-systematic company activity (Daniel Buren is behind the scenography for the Marc Jacob fashion show at Vuitton). Thus, Yayoi Kusama has been called upon to design on a large scale all the Vuitton shop windows worldwide, staging her « obsession with the seriality » of polka-dots, a « hallucinatory proliferation » which recalls the repetition of the famous monogram. Merchandising is exploited there in all its states and components : from the inspiration behind the collection and the windows to the development of by-products, coloured bags, accessories and so on with, as a backdrop, a painstaking exploitation of digital networks and a dedicated website where the spirit of the Japanese artist is closely associated with the image of Louis Vuitton.


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